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I'm Not Complaining

I hate to clean. In fact, I'm very good at complaining about cleaning. Considering I spend a good deal of my time at home, however, I'm expected to do just that - clean. Of course, I exercise my right to mutter my objections to whatever inanimate object happens to be nearby, especially when scraping legos out of the carpet. But today, as I was cleaning my kids' rooms (boys, by the way, are notoriously and consistently messy), I discovered a new emotion related to this ritual: thankfulness.

Just like every mother of school-aged children, I took the Newtown shootings hard. I cry at least once a day from the depths of my belly, aching over the loss these families have faced. The senseless acts of a lunatic has taken 26 beautiful souls from this earth for no reason. It boggles the sensible minds of the rest of us.

So, today, as I was straightening up beds (that should have been made this morning), stooping (for the hundredth time) to pick up clothes strewn on the floor and, …