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Closing a Chapter

Dear beautiful children,
On this day, the eve of my going back to work, I want to say thank you. Thank you for the three most wonderful years of my life.
I have never laughed so much, cried so hard, stressed so deeply or been so wrapped in joy all at the same time as I have been while I was at home with you. While it is necessary for me to rejoin the "real world," I am thankful that I will still have the afternoons with you.
But there are so many things I am going to miss. I will miss having the luxury of cuddling with you, Beau, on those cold winter mornings. I will miss those leisurely walks to school in the morning, J.T., with the crisp fall air encircling us.
I will miss the holiday breaks when we baked cookies and stayed in our pajamas. I will miss snow days and impromptu trips to the park and the zoo.
How blessed am I, though, that I have those precious memories to last me a lifetime. And, as the years go on, I will look back on them with the greatest of appreciation. …

Legos, lego's everywhere!

As the mom of two boys fanatically in love with Legos, I have found myself screaming inside at all the hundreds of little pieces I have to clean up every day, several times a day. Knowing I'm not alone, I created this tribute to the great lego search we moms find ourselves involved in each day. Enjoy!
A Mother’s Ode To Legos
Legos legos everywhere. They’re in my shoes, they’re in my hair. Peeking out from the oddest places, little bitty Lego faces.
Wheels and bricks,pirates and sticksmock me as I search for the pieces,checking all the nooks and creases.
Legos, legos everywhere. As I gather them up, it’s just not fairHow they can hide and scatter, making cleaning a messier matter.
I imagine one day gathering the piles of bits and scattering them for miles. But my little boy loves them with all his heart, except for when they break apart.
So here I am, on my knees. Can’t someone help me, please Find all the legos that he’s strewn across my living room alone?
Legos, legos everywhere. I…

Waving a Victory Banner

My blog posts have fallen by the wayside lately. It's unfortunate, and I apologize. But before you judge me too harshly, let me update you on a few recent events.
About three months ago, my husband came home and tearfully dropped a proverbial bomb on our household – he was laid off from his commercial construction job. Considering our healthcare and primary household income was wrapped up in this job (which he had for two years), it was, needless to say, an emotional time.
Thankfully, he left with a small nest egg that, we estimated, would last us a few months. Surely in that time he – or I – would find work. Despite a few close encounters, nothing has quite worked out. And here we are, facing down the barrel of economic destruction so many Americans are dealing with these days. So what, you may ask, does this have to do at all with being a mompreneur? Well, my friends, I'll tell you.
Being a mompreneur has a great deal to do with spiritually and emotionally supporting your fa…