Me and my little lightbulbs in the bluebonnets!

Me and my little lightbulbs in the bluebonnets!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Closing a Chapter

Dear beautiful children,

On this day, the eve of my going back to work, I want to say thank you. Thank you for the three most wonderful years of my life.

I have never laughed so much, cried so hard, stressed so deeply or been so wrapped in joy all at the same time as I have been while I was at home with you. While it is necessary for me to rejoin the "real world," I am thankful that I will still have the afternoons with you.

But there are so many things I am going to miss. I will miss having the luxury of cuddling with you, Beau, on those cold winter mornings. I will miss those leisurely walks to school in the morning, J.T., with the crisp fall air encircling us.

I will miss the holiday breaks when we baked cookies and stayed in our pajamas. I will miss snow days and impromptu trips to the park and the zoo.

How blessed am I, though, that I have those precious memories to last me a lifetime. And, as the years go on, I will look back on them with the greatest of appreciation. You may not remember these days as well as I will, but I pray our time together has instilled in you both the foundation to bolster you in the years ahead.

Beau, as you embark on your preschool days, I am excited to see all you will learn. J.T., this is an era of independence for you. I can't wait to see even more how you mature, blossom and grow. I treasure you both. And if I never get back to where I can stay home with you again, I want you to know these three years have been a gift from God I will cherish always.

You are my heartbeat. I make you this promise: I will do my best to balance these new demands in a way that enriches your life and never detracts from it.

From the moment you were each placed in my arms and I held your tiny hands I vowed to do my very best on your behalf. I look at you both as on loan to me from our Heavenly Father. I can only do my part to guide you in a way that He would approve of.

While this may be the closing of a chapter, I hope God will bookmark it for us, so we can return one day to these special fleeting days of your youth when we can spend most of our time together, learning, growing and sharing.

In the meantime, during all this change, remember Mommy loves you to the deepest core of my being. Higher than the moon, deeper than the sea and wider than the universe. Forever and always.


Your Mommy