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Three Reasons Why I Don't Want You to Like My Kids

During one of my rare TV-watching moments, I found myself landing on my favorite station ever: PBS. I was instantly drawn into a Frontline episode called Generation Like. The focus of this eye-opening documentary was the tween generation growing up addicted to instant popularity based on "likes" either through Instagram, facebook or other forms of social media.

One mom was commenting on how it was she who took the pictures for her daughter, making sure to include as many "full body shots" as possible so she could increase her likes. In essence, she was pimping out her daughter (who usually was a little over exposed in these photos for my taste), so she could be more popular online. She was feeding the beast. I could go into a lot of Freudian/Jung theories on why I think this was so important to the mom, but I digress.

What wrenched my heart was the look on this poor young girl's face when she finished filming one of her videos, imploring people to like her p…